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Manager, Sourcing - Eurotec Electronics, A Germany Based Company 
发布时间:2015/4/8 22:57:12 
Manager, Sourcing - Eurotec Electronics, Germany Based Company
●         Develop and manage deep supplier relations with the assigned key/strategic suppliers to optimize commercial and operational performance. Resolve supplier contractual disputes and serve as liaison between internal users and supplier where high-level involvement is  necessary
●         Liaison with operation engineering team, quality team and supply chain team ensuring sourcing product performance, quality and delivery meet upon agreed target.
●         Be the Business Partner for R&D and marketing in China and the new product development teams to ensure that the demands on suppliers on a project to project basis
●         Pro-actively search and identify new suppliers and products ensuring a supplier and product portfolio that meets market requirements
●         Based on accumulated experience and received market demands and requirements, ensure that the sourcing team pro-actively suggest NPI’s to the sales and product marketing teams
●         Conduct when required sourcing market research and analysis as a prerequisite to developing and implementing strategic and tactical activities
●         Create, execute and track annual team KPI’s on a monthly basis, including annual cost saving budgets inline with set guidelines, if any
●         Contribute to the cost down process by negotiating prices and terms with the suppliers in line with goals and directives
●         Lead supplier evaluation activities and drive/execute actions required to ensure optimize supplier portfolio to maximize overall objectives/goals and minimize/eliminate disturbances
●         Deliver monthly reports and data inline with directives
●         Bachelor’s degree with technical or engineering major preferred
●         10 years of sourcing, purchasing, supply quality or engineering experience in multinational manufacturing
●         Proven track record of identifying, developing and negotiating high-level supply agreements with suppliers
●         Strong formal and informal leadership skills with strategic ability through collaborative approach reach goals and priorities
●         Disciplined approach to strategy development and implementation
●         Hands-on innovator; effectively develops strategy and then follows through to implementation
●         Strong communication, negotiation and presentation skills
●         Confidence, energy and edge to excel in a fast pace unstructured environment
●         CIPS Level5 Advanced Diploma or above is an advantage
All the candidates, if you have interest, pls do not hesitate to send your CV with both English & Chinese to our below E-mail address: caliberconsultingsz@gmail.com, or 515710461@qq.com ; Only the candidates in the shortlist will be passed to the HR & hiring manager for interview.


Group Orientation
The MUSIC Group is one of the world’s largest holding companies for pro audio and music products brands. As the corporate parent for world-recognized brands such as MIDAS, KLARK TEKNIK, TURBOSOUND, BEHRINGER and BUGERA, the MUSIC Group owns and manages some of the finest brands in the industry.
The MUSIC Group provides a comprehensive product range covering multiple product categories to a wide spectrum of end-users including professionals, corporations and amateurs, as well as for public and commercial applications. They include loudspeakers, amplifiers, mixers, powered mixers, computer-based recording and DJ products, microphones, headphones, wireless systems, musical instruments and professional lighting systems.
These products can be found in professional and project recording studios, video and broadcast suites, post-production facilities, sound reinforcement applications including houses of worship, stadiums, nightclubs, retail locations and on major musical concert tours.
Zhongshan Eurotec Electronics Ltd
EUROTEC is an Electronic Manufacturing Services company which is wholly owned by the MUSIC Group. One of its major customers is BEHRINGER (www.behringer.com), a multi-national Company that was founded 1989 in Germany. Uli Behringer, Founder and Chairman of BEHRINGER, shifted the production from Germany to China as early as 1990, way ahead of time. He relocated to HK/China in 1996 to oversee production quality, understand the Chinese culture and later manage the implementation of EUROTEC.
EUROTEC is a true model of quality and efficiency based on state-of-the-art systems such as ERP, MRP, Lean Six Sigma, DFT, FIFO etc. Its management team, which almost entirely comes from famous multi-national contractors, has established best-in-class systems but also a unique hybrid based on Western and Chinese culture. It is often referred to as “a German factory built on China soil”. Its 3.000 people live under excellent conditions, and the Company provides for example two independent canteens, an on-site clinic, a library and various sports facilities.


BEHRINGER、BUGERA、MIDAS、KLARK TEKNIK 和TURBOSOUND。产品主要包括:调音台、功放、监听音箱、信号处理器、MIDI控制器、录音软件、乐器、灯光产品。产品涉及各类使用人群,有专业人士、企业、业余爱好者,也包括公共及商业应用。


中山欧科电子有限公司是音乐集团全资拥有的电子研发及制造服务公司,成立于2001年10月,为集团旗下的核心产品提供研发、制造服务,公司始终以研发为核心,提供完全垂直整合的制造服务,包括电子类产品、扬声器制造、PCBA和系统集成、终端产品组装等;公司严格把控质量,拥有全面的UL-认证安全和EMI实验室,同时采用技术先进的系统如ERP、Lean Six Sigma、DFT、FIFO等。



1 提供多元化薪酬福利政策
社会保险与住房公积金:住院医疗保险 、工伤保险 、失业保险 、养老保险、生育保险、住房公积金等

2 职业发展通道
技术研发方向:助理工程师 -工程师 -高级工程师 -主任工程师 -高级主任工程师
技术管理方向:助理工程师 -工程师 - 技术组长 - 高级技术组长 - 助理经理 - 经理 - 高级经理
制造技术方向: 助理工程师 - 工程师 - 高级工程师
制造技术管理方向:助理工程师 - 工程师 - 高级工程师 - 高级主管 - 助理经理 - 经理


中山园区: 中山市民众镇俊景路1号欧科工业园
深圳研发中心: 深圳市福田区天安数码城天吉大厦CD座5C2


1.中山: a).城南客运站 →大骏(No.208公交车), 直走500米即到欧科工业园.
b).汽车总站 →民众一加一(No.9公交车), 直走800米即到欧科工业园.
2.东莞: 南城汽车站/汽车总站/长安/虎门汽车站→中山城东汽车站,途径(民众路口)下车,
3.广州: 流花汽车站/省汽车站/天河客运站→中山城东汽车站,途径(民众路口)下车,
4.深圳: 福田汽车站/罗湖汽车站/龙华汽车站→中山城东汽车站,途径(民众路口)下车,

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